About us

Wildlife Packages – We Create Wonderful Memories

At, we are a team of professionals who have been visiting jungles, wildlife sanctuaries and organizing safari experience for common people for a very long time. It is only now that we have decided to open our services for the whole of India.

What is Our Aim?

With an aim to help Indian diaspora experience jungle safari without spending a fortune through inexperienced guides and travel agents, we bring to you services that will establish themselves as market standard and catered to varied senses of a traveller.

One thing that collectively drives us to do better on a daily basis is our love for Jungle and the abundant experiences it hides. Thrilled with the nuances of Indian wildlife sanctuaries, we have decided to help each and every Indian to enjoy these without getting stuck in management and planning.

How do we plan to achieve our goal?

With a team of professionals managing everything from comfortable stay, healthy eating, safe commute and proper wildlife spotting experience, we have decentralized the power only to make our system stronger. With professionals at every level suited with the power to make decisions and improvise, we have not only avoided delays, loss but also improved overall experience.

The well-managed co-ordination at the varied level is the key to organizing a successful Jungle Safari and we have mastered the art of building such partnership. By getting into partnership with professionals from varied fields and putting competent technologies to use, we are also aiming to enhance the quality of experience without compromising on the security and safety. Our partnership with varied agencies, hotels and transport providers has enabled us to pick up people from the remotest corners of India and help them experience wildlife safari.

An alternative for stereotyped travel experiences

Travelling to Jungle and wildlife sanctuaries will appeal to the varied personalities that are hiding inside you. These experiences will make you understand the intricacies of real life at a very different level, making you a stronger and a calmer person.

This one experience will not only put you ahead of crowd that works at the MNCs but will also help you discover the real callings in your life and we are here to make your experiences worthy.

Contact us today to experience travelling like never before.

Why Wildlife Adventures?

Our company not only aims at providing value service to our tourists, but we also strive hard to protect the environment and preserve nature by taking up various initiatives. We believe in spreading environment conservation awareness among people by way of various activities, one of which is the ‘Eco-Club’. We adhere to the strict safety norms put forth by the Government or Jungle Authorities, and we make our tourists aware of the same, so that no rule is violated or there is no indiscipline in the group. We can arrange special tours for students in the 9 to 18 age group, where they will be given valuable information about nature and ecological conservation by experts accompanying them on the tours. We are always on the lookout for new destinations to explore fresh avenues and experience new adventures. We strive to keep innovating and offering memorable experiences to our loyal customers.

Our Values


We respect the trust that you have bestowed on us. We listen to you to understand your requirements and go to any lengths to exceed your service expectations. Occasionally we could disagree with you and would then come up with options that would better your travel experiences.


We have an excellent corporate culture and working environment that makes our company a pleasant place to work in. This makes it easier for us to treat you with courtesy, with a friendly smile on our face and in our voice. We strive to ensure that your travel planning experience is as memorable as the travel itself.

Fair Pricing Policy

With us, you will not be required to “compare” or “cross-check”. We operate on honest margins and would like you to come back to us again for value for money services and experiences that we offer.